Opening Houses

FLAT34 invited six artists to the Ewen Henderson Court where they could create works specific for the spaces in and around Flat 34. By clicking on the above blocks you can already wander inside the thoughts/sounds/ideas that are floating around in the flat while the show for the 22nd of May evolves.





Wednesday - 22 May 2013

5 to 10pm

FLAT34 opened her house again for an exciting private view exhibiting six emerging artists. This edition featured artists

Susan Conte,

Yuki Kondo,

Elaine Reynolds,

Luuk Schroder,

Dorine van Meel

and Enjin Yang.

It promises to be an inspiring night with art, music and food.

Music by DJ MD

* Click on artists names to visit their websites




Friday - 1 March 2013

Click on the map below and explore the 'Opening House' by hovering over hidden areas with your mouse. Find links to artists pages when you click on their names.



On the 1st of March ‘Opening House’ took place from 5 to 10 pm. This time around works were selected by FLAT34 which suited the space and setting of the flat.

Featured artists:

Ho Leng,

Sabina Tupan,

Daniel Oxholm Sørensen,

Alex Anikina,

Caroline Ellis,

Matthias Moos,

Nelmarie du Preez,

Kim Taeguyn,

Catherine Weir and

the Analytical Philosophy Society.

RiBBon K provided music while Borscht and Vodka was served.